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The world leader in internet telephony!
Skype is a small piece of free software that lets you use your computer like a phone so you can talk online with a language tutor anywhere in the world.

With over 150 million users, Skype is the most popular internet telephony software in the world and part of what makes a great and exciting way to learn a foreign language online.

Great features and exceptional call quality!
You can do all sorts of great things with Skype besides learning a language. It's extremely easy to use, and best of all it's completely free to download. 
All E-Concord tutors have Skype and all Skype to Skype calls are 100% free so you only pay for your tuition and nothing else.
Regardless of where your tutor is in the world, you'll only need to pay the lesson fee as displayed on the E-Concord site with no other hidden call charges.

Mini guide

Step 1 (Check requirements)
Click here to check the minimum requirement to run Skype and E-Concord.

If you're using Windows 2000, you will need DirectX 9.0 in order to place video calls. You can download this at Microsoft's website.

Step 2 (Download Skype)

Download Skype by visiting and click on Download. Follow the prompts to download and install the program.

Step 3 (Open Skype)

Double-click the Skype icon on your desktop or by choosing it from your Start menu.

Step 4 (Create account)

Create an account when the screen prompts you to do so. Type your name and make up a username, also known as your Skype name and password.

Step 5 (Find others on Skype)

Find your friends and family by going to Contacts and clicking Search for Skype Users. Another window will prompt you to enter a name, e-mail address, or Skype name to locate your friends. Click Search and wait for Skype to search users; once your contact is located, highlight the name and click Add Contact.

Step 6 (Call your friends)

The speakers, microphone, and webcam let you talk to your friends and see them while you're talking. Call them by clicking on the Contacts tab and highlighting their name; the icon next to the name indicates their online status. Then click on Call to call with voice only, or Video Call to include video. You will hear ringing and your friend will pick up.

Step 7 (Hang up)

Hang up by pushing the red End Call button once you've caught up with your faraway favorites.


Skype users make over 3.1 billion minutes of calls, and at peak times more than 20 million people are using Skype online at the same time.