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About us

Language school CONCORD was founded in 1995 and is one of the first private language schools in Belgrade. It is situated in two locations - the first is in the elite business part of the city and the second studio is in the very centre of the city.

From the very beginning the school has been run by professor Slavica Stamenović who has tried to raise language teaching to the level implemented in the best language schools abroad.

The main activity of the school is teaching foreign languages. The languages which are taught are English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Greek and Serbian.

Lessons are supplemented by audio, video and computer assistance, as well as dictionaries, grammar books, texts and text books of distinguished publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge UP, Longman, McMillan, Ladybird, Heineman-Klett, Didier, Guerra...

In our school the students have a well supplied book and video library, magazines, computers with free Internet access at their disposal. There is a self-study centre where they can go through financial magazines, daily newspapers, watch cable television, or just enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

In 2011 Concord decided to introduce E-Learning, in order to accomodate requests from outside Serbia. From the very beginning this has been a great success.

Students from all over the world join our team on a daily basis, thanks to our E-Concord learning system. Qualified and trained teachers are bilding up lessons and materials in general every day, making our database rich and updated day after day.

We offer various type of courses, making our offer suitable to every needs.

Our Services

During our 16 years of experience in teaching foreign languages, we developed a series of services to suite the needs of all our even more demanding clients. Here you can find a brief list:

  • High-qualified teachers (including native speakers)
  • Up to date materials such as exercises, books, video and audio
  • Regular feedback from our students about teachers and schools
  • Modern and Hi-Tech schools
  • Free Wireless Internet in all our schools


I’m currently a student of E-Concord, and I wish to express my gratitude and amazement of how professional this E-Learning method is.
Any problems that I have experienced with my studies were addressed promptly and effectively, the service quality is definitely international standard. I have to complement the ability of the Concord Language School staff, no matter how big or small the issue they have given me their full support. Every staff member is so approachable and it makes my time with E-Concord easy and hassle free.
I would recommend anybody to consider studying at Concord Language School it is the best on-line study language school in Serbia. Thank you E-Concord for everything.

Aleksa Dabić